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Parent Counseling and Education

ASAP philosophy is to empower families and include them in the continuing development and educational process of their children. This includes ongoing support, counseling, training and education, and home visits, in addition to regular clinic meetings in order to review their child progress and goals.

The Core ASAP Service-Offering Consists of Four Programs:

  1. Center-Based: Children receive comprehensive individualized intensive behavioral intervention, and focused efforts at facilitating and promoting transition processes and inclusion opportunities in the least restrictive environment.
  2. Outreach Program: Children receive related therapeutic services on an individual basis, either at ASAP's clinic, at home, or in their educational facility.
  3. Parent Training, Education and Support: Parents receive the guidance, training and support needed, either in their home or at ASAP
  4. Training and Consultation Service to Educational Facilities (Private and Public): Teaching staff and therapists receive the training and guidance either through in-services or hands-on evidence-based training at school, at home, and in the community.
  5. Educational Program Evaluation and Advocacy: ASAP staff advocate on behalf of families to ensure their child receives effective evidence-based services tailored to meet their individualized needs and that lead to positive functional outcome.

ASAP provides the highest quality comprehensive individualized educational and therapeutic early intensive behavioral intervention and evidence-based practice incorporating the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) in ASAP's clinic conveniently located in Millington, NJ, or as part of the outreach program in the home or school.

ASAP provides data driven individualized intervention services tailored to meet each child’s needs and learning styles to address his/her overall development skills.  An interprofessional collaborative team-based approach is embraced with parent/family and child centered focus. Each child's program undergoes ongoing assessment and decision analysis as he/she learns and acquires new skills. Ongoing staff training and supervision is provided to ensure consistency and promote sustained and generalized positive performance. Parent training, education and support are provided on a regular basis. ASAP espouses an interprofessional integrated and collaborative approach to intervention, working closely with other disciplines, service providers, medical health professionals, in order to enhance and promote consistency, transition, transfer and generalization of learned skills across stimuli, people, and settings, while addressing the child across all developmental domains.

Our goal at ASAP is to work collaboratively fostering a team-based and family/child-centered approach to ensure successful transitioning process into inclusive educational programs and access community inclusion opportunities. ASAP team aims at having your child reach his or her maximum potential age-appropriate levels in developmental and communication skills including but not limited to receptive and expressive language, communication and social skills, play and peer interaction skills, pre-academic, and leisure skills to successfully transition into and function in an inclusive, least restrictive educational environment as well as function independently in the community.

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